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Date/Report Number …..12012010.LC-U78U72 Item: s 1960 RUSSIAN CIRCULAR  LOGARITHMIC SLIDE RULE  CALCULATOR
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Description of item VINTAGE 1960 RUSSIAN CIRCULAR  LOGARITHMIC SLIDE RULE  CALCULATOR IS 35 X 41 MM.   CONDITION WATCH  EXCELLENT FOR Advanced mathematical operations: multiplication; squaring; division; finding of trigonometric functions of a sine; extraction of a square root; finding of trigonometric functions of a tangent; Finding inverse trigonometric functions; calculation of the area of a circle, etc. 50 x 13.3 MM. THIS CIRCULAR SLIDE RULE OPERATES PERFECTLY. THE PATINA DIALS ARE NEAR MINT.   CONDITION EXCELLENT TO MINT.

Estimated Retail Replacement Value $399.00

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A Russian circular slide rule built like a pocket watch
that works as single cursor slide rule since the two
needles are ganged together.


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(model KL-1)
1958-67 Russian mechanical logarithmic slide rule calculator.
The KL-1 is intended forperforming trigonometric and mathematical operations:

1. Multiplication
2. Division
3. Squaring
4. Extraction of a square root.
5. Finding of trigonometric functions of a sine
6. Finding of trigonometric functions of a tangent
7. Finding inverse trigonometric functions.
8. Calculation of the area of a circle.

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Tochmach KL1Russian built Circular slide rule with a design similar to a pocket watch with both front and rear scales.

Two pointers move in sync by rotating the red knob, and the the C scale face turns by rotating the black knob.

CALCULATIONS that can be performed are:

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The circular slide rule consists of:
• Housing with two knobs,

• 2 dials (one of which revolves with the aid
of the black knob)

• 2 pointers (which revolve in unison with the
aid of the red knob)  and a fixed indicator.

• The fixed indicator is on side 2, directly aligned with the black knob

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SIDE 1 : 3 scales on the fixed dial.
1. The outer scale - for basic calculating. It is the inverse of the inner moveable scale on side 1 (equivalent to a DI scale);
2. The middle scale S - for calculating the sines of angles;
3. The inner scale T - for calculating the tangents of angles.

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SIDE 2: 2 scales on the moveable dial.
1. The outer scale - the scale of the squares (equivalent to an A scale);
2. The inner scale -for basic calculating
(equivalent to a C scale)

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