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Date/Certificate Number: 06.11.09-811  Item: SEIKO 6105-8119 480472 DIVE WATCH

GoldSmithWatchWorks certifies that the following 6105-8119 SEIKO DIVE WATCH with an original 6105B DAINISEIKOSHA CO, LTD. JAPAN Seventeen 17 Jewel Automatic Movement, with production date of August 1974, was refurbished, overhauled and serviced between may 10 and June 12 2009.

Case was refurbished, crystal and bezel insert were replaced, dial was cleaned but left original and as it was before the work was accomplished. The 6105B Seiko movement received the following nos parts:

c-main spring
d-entire balance assembly|
e-new hand fabricated balance staff
f-new jewels and caps|
g-all wheels and pivots
h-new custom crystal seal
i-case back and crown seal  

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