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Date/Report Number …..071208-34998
Item………San Francisco Giants NL GTC  Salesman Sample Championship Ring 
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Description of item:
The above item is a size 12 1989 season San Francisco National League Championship Salesman Sample Ring. Engraved in the shank: GTC SA0286CH-8. The ring is made of Gold Tone & Plated **Celestrium™ and has 22 Cubic Zirconias bead set above and below the raised enameled word GIANT. There are the words NATIONAL LEAGUE in raised letters on the back shoulder and the word CHASMPIONS in raised letters on the front shoulder . The right side has the the date of the championship and the left side has the players name CLARK and his team number 22 and the SF team logo. The total weight of this piece is 29.6 grams

GTC Gold Tone Celestrium. Celestrium is a trademark of a type of stainless steel used in jewelry. It resembles white gold, and is strong, resistant to chemical reaction, and easy to maintain

Estimated Retail Replacement Value $5200.00

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