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Date/Report Number: 032809-SeST0030
Seiko Speedtimer  Cal: 6138b-0030. Ser#: 6N4223

Description of item:
This is a appraisal/inspection for a Seiko 6138b-0030 as follows:

April 29, 2009
Ronnie Menashe
Report #032809-SeST0030
Seiko Speedtimer: Seiko Speedtimer,  Cal: 6138b-0030. Ser#: 6N4223

The Seiko Speedtimer was delivered in a secure package:

Upon opening the watch we inspected:

Outer Condition (includes band, case, bezel, dial, hands, pushers, crown, case back and crystal.

There are two minute scratches on the mineral glass crystal center right of pinion area , the band has an after market spring band extender, the buckle is signed SEIKO Speedtimer (note: we were unable to discover if Seiko produced a "SEIKO Speedtimer" signed clasp such as this one), the dial is original, Seiko produced most versions with ARROW hands, but there are many with stick hands like yours. Pushers show slight use and have small scratches. The watch is in overall excellent to mint condition.

Mechanical Operation of Pushers, Crown and Winding:

The top pusher, one push starts second hand in timer.Chrono mode, a second push stops it, the lower pusher returns the second hand and subs to 12 position. Watch keeps excellent time. There is a problem with the winding mechanism, while the watch self winds as new, the crown does not wind the watch. Thorough research on the 6138-0030 Seiko movement provides the fact that Seiko made two varieties of this movement, the 6138a and the 6138b. The Speedtimer with 6138b-0030 movement have the ability to wind the mainspring via the crown in seated position. Though we have discovered that some do not manual wind. This version had the manual wind capability.

We opened the case to inspect the movement. The movement is in mint condition, shows no wear, and it had been recently serviced, indication of servicing was liberal new oil applied to watch.

Disassembling a similar in-house Speedtimer 6138b-0030 movement, we assured that there was a center gear that connects the stem winding gear to the main winding gear.

We did not disassemble the watch in question. but we did inspect the stem gears and associated parts that connect the winding gear to the mainspring wind gear.

We immediatley noticed that the CENTER GEAR was absent

 6309-0030.bmp (406278 bytes)


Our conclusion is that there are two types of 0030 speedtimer movements. The A and the B. There are some B movements that have dual winding capabilities. There is an extra gear and associated parts that allow this that are not in the watch we examined for you. This watch sells on ebay for an approximate 200 to 300. Fine examples such as yours are insurance appraised at 600.00.

As it stands, we do not have the parts to repair. In addition, we have been unable to find a used movement to scavenge the parts. I would recommend that if you had this watch serviced, you should return to the place that performed the work and see if they will repair it. There is no telling what may have occurred and we will not disassemble this watch or perform any work due to the fact we do not know what occurred, and could find that a larger problem exists.

Estimated Retail Replacement Value with manual winding capability: $600.00

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