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At GSW th/sm goldsmithworks tm/sm we collect different types of information about our users for BASIC reasons:

1. To provide personalized services unique to individual patrons.

2. To help monitor and improve the services we offer.

3. To provide unique offers and keep aware of which watches to invest in and which to restore and which products are popular and which to place in main advertising space on the site.

4. How to maintain all the images, photos, articles and information that costs over 1400,00 a month yet we offer freely to our patrons. so, our cookies and other non harmful, non spying, non sharing methods on analyzing programs helps us to keep the site free for people who visit it.

4. If we have permission from the user, to market services to them, to have them participate, then we can be educated even more to the benefit of us all.

5. we do not sell, share, lend or maintain data bases or individual records of our browser and/or patrons. Only those that actually sign up for an account in the shopping program, or one of ou site programs are in a data base on that particular site, yet there is no one in our organization that even utilized those at al. not even to email our patrons with offers. though we reserve that right and so do use an option on eBay to send out emails every time we add new time pieces or jewelry.